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Having played drums for many years I moved into writing, recording and production about 10 years ago. New material continues to grow with ongoing artist collaborations too. I also offer remote mixing and mastering services and I’d be interested in any artists who would like to record any of my songs.



My first gigging band was Chalice in the south east Kent area in mid to late 70s, an original material/prog rock band who supported Atomic Rooster. This was followed by my involvement with the band Coffee Shop, another original band which supported Level 42 in the early 80s.

At this point I moved to London and worked with Pete Mitchell's band alongside Ian Gardener on guitars, and subsequently got well acquainted with the London circuit playing with The Finals, a Norwich based pop band.

I continued working the London and Home Counties circuit with 45 South supporting the Nashville Teens before reuniting with Ian Gardener and his new band the Wierd.

After this period of working with original bands I had a change of direction and joined the excellent cover band the Dragonflies. When this band folded I was inspired to co-found another cover band Peach, which regularly played the Walkabout bars during 90s.

After a few great years with Peach, through which I had met a lot great musicians, I started playing with a few great singer guitarists including the very funky and soulful American artist Alix Anthony, and subsequently with Masashi Hara's London version of the five-album Japanese high-energy blues-rock power trio Georgie Pie.

Around 2006 I co-formed the Jam-Pact rhythm section who I still work with and have been fortunate to work with the likes of LeBurn Maddox, Ed Hudson, TJ Johnson, Papa George and Mick Rogers of Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

For many years I ran two Jam-Pact music jam nights a week, as well as playing drums with The Steve Whalley Band, Shifty Little Sister, Martin Wulfrun-Taylor, and numerous dep gigs!

Recording wise, recently, I wrote, recorded and produced my latest album, The Big Divide, featuring numerous guest artists. Previously, I co-wrote and recorded the album Shining Star which features some of London's finest players, on which I'm playing drums and can be heard singing on some of the tracks! I also played drums on Tim Rice's promo songs on From Here To Eternity, and on the title track for Chas Cronk's acclaimed album Liberty, as well as many others!


I’d like to thank the many wonderful artists who have assisted me on my road past and present!

Major Baldini - Songwriter, produce, drummer
Major Baldini - Drummer, musician
Major Baldini - Songwriter, producer

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